Tips for Long Distance CaregiversAccording to the Mayo Clinic a long distance caregiver is someone who provides emotional support to a primary caregiver, coordinates services for loved ones, and or manages a loved one’s medical bills or records. Being a long distance caregiver in no easy task and there are currently over 7 million people who act as long distance caregivers for their elderly loved ones or relatives. One of the biggest difficulties for long distance caregivers is dealing with emergencies. According to Kathleen Michon,  J.D. the best way to deal with emergencies as a long term caregiver is to be prepared for them.  She recommends the following tips for being a successful long distance caregiver who is prepared for emergencies.

  • Assess whether your Elderly Relative’s Living Situation is safe, accessible and adaptable
  • Determine whether your Elderly Relative is taking care of themselves by evaluating their nutrition  needs, their medical care, home care, finances and driving ability
  • Ensure that your Elderly Relative is getting enough social interaction
  • Check your Elderly Relative’s Mental State
  • Make sure to have important contact information, medical information, financial information and legal documents
  • Research Local Agencies and services that can help fulfill your Elderly Relative’s needs
  • Check in regularly on your Elderly Relative

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