Cancer has become one of the scariest words in the english language. For many it brings on fear and sadness especially when one hears that someone close to them may have it. One of the most prevalent types of cancers (1 out of 68 individuals) especially among men over 65 is Melanoma.  Melanoma causes the most skin cancer related deaths in the world (source).   There are many steps that people take hoping to decrease their chances of getting cancer and fighting it when they are diagnosed. Trying to prevent or cure medical ailments like cancer has helped drive a billion dollar industry based off health products and supplements. In 2015, Americans are projected to spend 21 billion dollars on vitamins and herbal supplements (source). Some of these supplements boast cancer fighting properties. However, new researched has called into question how beneficial antioxidants which are prevalent in supplements and touted as cancer fighting really are. A study reported on by fox news found that mice that had melanoma and were given antioxidant supplements had double the tumors on their lymph nodes after 80 days of taking the supplement compared to mice that did not take the supplements. It is important to note that this is a preliminary study and no way concluded the heated debate on how well supplements protect against cancer and other health issues. However, it reminds us that we need to be vigilant about what we put in our bodies and not take the manufacturer’s word that their products are healthy.    Cancer is not always preventable and even the best treatment can have life changing side effects. If you or your loved one needs skilled nursing care after the diagnosis or treatment of cancer or other health related issues it is important to make sure your educated on the top rated rehab centers in your area. This post is provided by Sprain Brook Manor Rehab which Provides unique opportunity to recover from medical procedures that result in true satisfying results. Getting you stronger and better every day. Contact Us today to receive more information. Disclaimer: The information provided in this post in not intended to be construed as health advice, nor should it be considered a substitute for obtaining individual medical counsel or consulting your physician. tagsskilled nursing caretop rated rehabskilled nursing care westchesterWestchester nursing homeWestchester nursing