Alert systems meant to help the elderly get in contact with emergency services even when they are injured or incapacitated have been around for almost 30 years.  One such alert system, Life Alert claims to save someone from potential catastrophe every ten minutes. The life alert system was state of the art when it debut in the 80s however with today’s technological advances it is possible to create an elder care alert and monitoring system that is all encompassing.  
Sensors connected to watches, phones and apps are revolutionizing health management and tracking. Products like Fitbit enables users to track their heartrate, sleep, calories burned and steps and automatically sync it to a phone application so that you can monitor your progress and reach your health goals. In addition products like Owlet using a sensor within a sock, can monitor a baby’s heart rate and oxygen level and alerts parents if there is an issue. One company that is trying to use this technology to help keep aging adults stay active and independent is UnaliWear. 
UnaliWear watches are waterproof, give medication reminders and can go anywhere with the wearer. They are voiced controlled and do not look like medical devices. Voice activated assistance connects individuals directly to an operator who can help get the appropriate services in case of an emergency. UnaliWear watches also use sensors to check for falls and long periods of immobility and will ask the wearer if they need help. UnaliWear is scheduled to be release to the consumer market this summerAs more advanced products for monitoring and supporting the elderly become more common it is likely countless more lives will be saved. However, these products are created to respond to someone when they are hurt or in danger and cannot prevent the health events from happening. It is likely that after someone uses the alerts to get help because of a medical emergency they will need short term care, long term care, or nursing home care. In fact many individuals need a skilled nursing care rehabilitation center to help their loved ones recover after a major fall or health event. If you’re loved one needs skilled nursing care in Westchester please to not hesitate to contact Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home.
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